The School Run

The best school run I ever knew involved a tiny little bus stopping right outside my house. I would open the front door at a quarter to nine and the kids would tumble out with their book bags. A hop, skip and a jump and they would be on the bus and away to the tiny village school only a couple of miles away, and I would return to the piano and play all day ’til I heard the bus return to drop them off again. It was a very good time.

It didn’t last long, nothing ever does. Change comes how ever much we might resist it. We cling to the good things and push away the bad, but both come and go in their own time. Our wanting and yearning makes no difference.

By the time Andi came along school runs had turned into something else. Now the piano days were gone and mother had to work. Now it was about homework and timetables for the big ones and nappies and childminders for the little one. Too much do, do , do and not enough just ‘be’. Things were getting stretched..

Once it was clear our autistic Andi couldn’t manage the school, the teachers, the children, the noise, the expectations, the rules, the endless ‘you are not good enough’, in fact the whole twisted brainwashing system that it is, I stopped taking her. No more school runs for us. I stayed at home and we learned of life and times together, and we are still learning to this very day.

Next time: A good joke



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